Antec and Razer Team Up to Co-brand a New Mini-ITX Gaming Chassis

In the year of their 30th anniversary, Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, has announced the release of a co-branded Razer Edition of Antec’s Cube, a mini-ITX gaming case. The Antec Cube-Designed by Razer combines the e-sports design elements of Razer, with the reliability and build quality of Antec, into a small form factor case for gamers.

Antec Cube Designed by Razer

Debuting at PAX West 2016, the Antec Cube-Designed by Razer is the product of extensive collaboration between Antec and Razer. The efficient interior layout features one 3.5″ HDD drive bay, up to four 2.5″ SDD bays, three expansion slots, and accommodates graphics cards of up to 350 mm in length. To allow for a seamless building experience, the Antec Cube-Designed by Razer features a basement compartment that separates the PSU and allows for easy cable management. The side and top panels are fitted with darkened acrylic windows and an innovative, click system which enables users to open and close the case in a quick and easy way. This thought-out case could serve as a conventional PC, gaming rig, or home theatre device and media center, but is also well-suited for professional users.

Antec Cube Designed by Razer

On the exterior, the unique, leaned forward design of the Antec Cube-Designed by Razer is constructed with a hybrid structure made of 3 mm aluminum and 0.8 mm cold-rolled steel and features Razer’s iconic Triple-Headed Snake logo in the front. The lower left and right sides are flanked with LED underglow strips in Razer’s signature green, while the green LED rear exhaust fan, power button, and USB 3.0 ports complete the Razer-themed design.

“We are pleased to be working with a company as prolific in the gaming space as Razer to create something new for the gaming community,” says Han Liu, Vice President of Antec North America. “We are confident that our shared expertise and passion for building the best experience for our diverse range of customers will add tremendous value to our product lines.”

Antec Cube Designed by Razer

Says Kevin Sather, Director of Product Marketing for Razer’s systems business: “Antec manufactures some of the best cases for gamers, and we’re very happy that our engineering and design teams could come together to make this possible. The Antec Cube – Designed by Razer provides PC builders the platform to create a high-end desktop gaming PC in a compact form factor.”

In the China market, the Cube-Designed by Razer will be available exclusively as a pre-built gaming system through MayN, an award-winning firm that specializes in custom built systems.

“It’s my honor to have the opportunity to be the exclusive partner in China on this case with Razer and Antec, two of the industry-leading gaming hardware and software brands,” says Hongtao Wang, Founder and President of MayN, a leading System Integrator company in China. “This cooperation represents a shared goal between MayN, Razer, and Antec-to bring more professional gaming products to the Chinese market. MayN will work with Razer to provide the best specs and hardware centered on the unique characteristics of the Antec Cube-Designed by Razer.”

Production of the Antec Cube-Designed by Razer is scheduled to begin in October, and the arrival date and MSRP will be announced in the latter half of Q4.

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