Antec Unveils New Project X Case

Let’s be honest, Antec’s case offerings over the past few years have been a little boring and behind the times. Well this year at Computex 2018 they are showing off a case that when you first look at it you can’t believe it’s from Antec. It is their brand new “Project X” (working title) case.

antec 3

This futuristic case is made of aluminum, steel and tempered glass and is tilted at a 20-degree angle for a really cool look. Inside you have room for a high-end liquid-cooled system.

antec 1

While this case might be ground-breaking for Antec, definitely something we did not expect from them, it does have a very striking resemblance to Courgar’s CONQUER case.

antec 2

No word yet on pricing or availability.

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