AOC C32G2ZE 32-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Gaming & Performance

When it comes to gaming I tested this display with mostly FPS games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends, and Overwatch. As I always say when reviewing high refresh rate monitors if you are moving from a lower refresh rate (60, 75, 144, etc) you are going to notice a big difference moving up to 240 Hz.

AOC C32G2ZE 32-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor AOC C32G2ZE 32-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

In my testing Apex and Overwatch ran pretty smooth, but I did notice some ghosting when playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After noticing it I went back to both Apex and Overwatch and really looked for it and it was indeed there. Not as noticeable in these games as Counter-Strike, but I would say ghosting on this monitor is more prevalent than on others I’ve tested in the past. Ghosting is a hard thing to really show unless you are actually using the monitor, but I did try and take a few shots using the UFO Ghosting Test. Don’t take the below photo as accurate for ghosting (you need to see it yourself in person), but you do get the idea.

AOC C32G2ZE 32-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

We use the Datacolor SpyderX Pro to test the display. Out of the box we find 100% of sRGB, 86% of AdobeRGB, and 93% of P3 color spaces.

aoc color gamut

We also measure a brightness level of 397.4 at the displays highest brightness setting on the “Standard” monitor profile.

aoc brightness

We can also see the brightness levels at all of the different profiles at their default settings. It is worth noting that the highest brightness recorded was on the “FPS” gaming mode.

aoc brightness2

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