JuJu Energy Drink Review

If you are anything like me you either drink coffee or an energy drink to get you through the day. I am always looking for better and more efficient energy solutions and typically when I see a new energy drink at the store I try it. Recently the team over at JuJu Energy reached out and asked if I wanted to give their energy drinks a try and of course I was intrigued. The thing that really stood out to me was that they use natural caffeine (no jitters or crashes) and Lutemax2020 which supports eye health and combats blue light strain. Each serving is only 15 calories, with no sugars and only 3-4 carbs so lets take a look!

Special thanks to JuJu Energy for providing samples to review.

Cost and Flavors

JuJu is available in a few different options. You have your typical “tubs” which are $35.99 and are about 30 servings. They also offer “Starter Packs” that come with a tub and a shaker bottle for $39.99. Then you have “single server packs” which come with four single-serve packs for $5.99. Finally there are “Shake and Go” packs that come with eight single-serve packs and a shaker bottle for $15.99 (on sale normally $22.99).

JuJu Energy Drink

The current flavors are as follows:

– Bomber Pop
– Blue Raspberry
– Tropical Juggernaut
– Cherry Bomb
– Grapesicle
– Green Apple
– Horchata
– Pina Colada
– Watermelon Crush


So what is in JuJu Energy? They seem to be very transparent about what is in their drink, it is all listed on the label itself.

JuJu Energy Drink

While you have your typical slew of ingredients that you see in many different energy drinks there are a few that stand out to me. The first is VegiSURGE natural caffeine which comes from a green coffee bean. This provides natural sustainable energy without jitters or crashes. You get 180mg of this per serving, which is more than the 140mg you would see in a Monster Energy, 140-150mg in G-FUEL, and 150mg in Sneak Energy. The next thing is Lutemax2020 which supports eye health and combats blue light strain. You are also getting B, C, & D vitamins and antioxidants to help boost your immune system. Finally an interesting thing is Pink Himalayan Salt which will provide electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Does it actually Work?

JuJu Energy comes in a powder form like most supplements these days. This means that you’ll need to mix it with water. That is why I would suggest getting a pack that comes with a shaker bottle if you don’t already have one.

JuJu Energy Drink

For me my typical day consists of having an iced coffee in the morning and then after lunch I grab an energy drink for when that mid-day crash comes in. I decided instead of drinking a Monster in the afternoon I would switch over to JuJu and see if I could notice any difference.

After using JuJu for the past couple of weeks here is what I really noticed. First it works like any drink with caffeine, so you get that boost of energy after drinking it. I did feel that I was not getting the crash that I would get from Monster though. Typically around 4-5PM I would be done, my brain would be foggy and I couldn’t really do any creative work (like writing this review). I really don’t get that anymore, many of the days over the past week I would look at my watch and not even realize it was 6 or 7PM! I assume I was more focused as well because I really was not paying attention to what time it was, but rather the task that I was working on. Another thing to consider is that JuJu of course is not carbonated. While I love Monster I do feel bloated after drinking it because of the carbonation.

JuJu Energy Drink

As far as the flavors go we were provided with 5 of the 9 flavors (Bomber Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Juggernaut, Grapesicle, and Watermelon Crush) and my favorite flavor was definitely Tropical Juggernaut. I enjoyed the flavor much more than the Tropical Rain flavor from G-FUEL. My second favorite flavor was Watermelon Crush. Also in terms of consistency after mixing up JuJu in their shaker it was pretty smooth. Basically on par with G-FUEL and slightly better than Sneak.

Should you give JuJu Energy a Try?

So is JuJu Energy worth trying out? I would say so. Remember it only has 15 calories with zero sugars and carbs. Also you have the interesting ingredients like VegiSURGE natural caffeine, Lutemax2020, and others which seem to be like a more efficient way to provide energy and focus. On top of that it actually tastes good! I am seriously in love with the Tropical Juggernaut flavor!

With tubs being $35.99 that works out to $1.19 per serving, which is still less expensive than many energy drinks you’ll find at your local grocery store. On top of that if you want to see if JuJu works for you and you like the flavors there are the single-serve packs (4 servings for $5.99) which makes it a no-brainer to give JuJu a try.

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