Sneak Energy Drink Review

The gaming market is bigger than ever, especially with popular games like Fortnite really making it into the mainstream. Since gaming is so popular we’ve seen many products marketed directly at gamers. Today we are checking out one such product, Sneak. Sneak is a supplement style drink that claims to increase your energy, enhance your reaction times, sharpen your focus and provide a sustained release of energy, so you can game and grind longer. Each serving has only 12 calories, zero sugar, and comes in at a price of $0.87 per serving. Could this be a replacement for coffee? Typical energy drinks? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to Sneak for providing us with their Energy drink to review.

You can get Sneak in either a “Taster Pack” ($8.85) which are three 0.35 oz (1 serving) packs or a full tub ($34.99) which gives you 40 servings. The flavors that are currently available are Blue Raspberry, Stealth, Cherry Bomb, and Tropikilla.

Sneak In Game Energy

Sneak sent us over three full tubs of the Blue Raspberry, Stealth, and Cherry Bomb. As well as a shaker bottle and a pack of stickers. You can actually purchase the shaker and stickers on their website too. I do have to say I am a pretty big fan of their logo, they have a full line of merch too.

Before we get into using Sneak lets talk about what is in it. Below you’ll see the Sneak nutrition label compared to Monster Zero Ultra (my go-to energy drink). Note: the Monster label has a serving size per container of 2.

sneak monster

As you can see if we compare these drinks are very close, although Monster Zero Ultra has 0 calories compared to Sneak’s 12. For those wondering the caffeine level difference, Sneak has 150 mg of caffeine per serving compared to Monster’s 140 mg. Also please note that Sneak is a foreign supplement so it is not regulated by the FDA.

Unlike most energy drinks you can pickup in the store Sneak is more of a supplement. So it comes in a powder form and you just add it in water and either shake or stir it together.

Sneak In Game Energy

So to give you an idea of my typical day when it comes to coffee / energy drinks, I wake up and have a cup of coffee or Monster Zero Ultra with breakfast and then after lunch I’ll have another when the mid-day tiredness kicks in. I feel that is pretty normal for most people.

So my initial plan with Sneak is to replace my afternoon energy drink with it. In the afternoon it is really hard to concentrate for me, so if Sneak does what it says it should I will be having much more productive afternoons.

I started using Sneak as my afternoon drink about 2 weeks ago and I haven’t really looked back. Since it does have caffeine in it it does give me that afternoon boost I need to get work done. I wouldn’t say the “boost” is much different from Monster, but you can definitely feel it. Talking about the boost it did not make me feel jittery or anything like you might experience from pre-workout.

Sneak In Game Energy

Now when it comes to focus I am not sure if I was more focused or not. Typically I am pretty focused once I start my afternoon work. I also had some late night gaming sessions fueled by Sneak and I feel it did its job, now did it make me a better gamer? Probably not, but it did allow me to play longer as I was not as tired.

As I mentioned we received the Blue Raspberry, Stealth, and Cherry Bomb flavors. I would have to say the Blue Raspberry is my favorite flavor, followed by Cherry Bomb, the Stealth is not that good at all.

So is Sneak for you? Well with only 12 calories, 3g of carbs, and zero sugar is it better for you than most energy drinks. For example I used to only drink AMP! Energy drinks, which have 56g of sugar, 31g of carbs, and are 220 calories. Also if you are getting a full tub of Sneak it is only $0.87 per serving. The lowest price I could find for Monster Zero Ultra is a 24-pack for $31.49 which works out to $1.31 per serving.

I think that if you are looking for an alternative to energy drinks or coffee you should give Sneak a try. Alternatively if you dont want to pause your game you get your coffee delivered, they do have the Taster Pack, which allows you to choose three flavors and should give you a great idea of what Sneak tastes like and how it will work for you. Also be sure to check out their mech, as it is quite cool!

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