Apple Discontinues All Intel-Based MacBook Air Variants

When Apple introduced M1 chip powering the new MacBook Air, the performance numbers shared were clear indicators of the fact that customers won’t require the Intel-based versions anymore. It looks like Apple is finally saying goodbye to the Intel chips and has discontinued Intel powered Macbook Air. Apple is only selling M1 powered Macbook Air now.

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If you check out the M1 MacBook Air page, you may notice that only two models are available. This all makes sense as previously when Intel increased the core count on the 2020 13-inch MacBook Air, the temperatures were so high that the user couldn’t even carry out mildly intensive work even though the Intel-based MacBook Air features an active cooling solution.

The M1 MacBook features a fanless design. It also tells that Apple is quite confident that the 5nm M1 silicon will provide the best performance while maintaining its temperatures. Apple also showed the chipset’s performance charts, and it dominated the charts for both power and efficiency. Moreover, the MacBook Air features an 8-core processor, which means that it will easily manage processor-intensive applications.

Due to the efficiency of the M1 MacBook Air you will get15 hours of battery life, give or take. However you can’t upgrade the memory of your M1 MacBook Air as Apple restricted its first lineup of ARM-based Macs to support up to 16GB of unified RAM.

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The new MacBook provides solid performance and that too for the same price as the 13-inch MacBook Air, $999..