Apple Is Indeed Working On Its First AR Headset, Hints Tim Cook

Who doesn’t know that Apple is working on its first ever AR headset. More and more reports have started to surface, giving us a clue that the actual product might not be too far from materializing. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has given more hints through his interviews that they are indeed developing a product of this kind.

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During one of the recent interviews, China Daily’s Ma Si asked Cook to shed some light on his thoughts regarding the level of enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for VR products. She also mentioned how customers are not so happy with the current line of VR products in the market. He was also asked to share his knowledge regarding the important factors which can guarantee the success of such products.

According to Cook, the market is still in ‘the very early innings of how this technology will evolve,’ but that certainly doesn’t mean that Apple will be needing more time to launch its first VR headset.

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According to Cook, he is ‘incredibly excited about AR’ while also talking about the 14,000 ARKit apps which are currently available on the App Store, further clearing the position of the VR products and their popularity.

From all we know, Apple’s first VR headset is not that far from launch, targeting a launch date sometime in Q1 2023. Considering this is Apple’s first shot at a VR product, we have all the reason to believe this will cater to a niche market upon launch, with limited shipments. As far as the price is concerned, we can only rely on rumors, for now, some of them claiming the headset to be priced at 3000 USD while another one claims it to be around 1000 USD.