Apple Silicon Mac Pro Is Happening, Reveals Company Executive

Apple is slowly shifting to Macs which use their own custom-made chips. In recent years, they have successfully moved away from using Intel chips and switched to their own M-series chips. These new chips not only have better processing and graphics capabilities, but they also use less power which means longer battery life. However, Apple has not yet released an updated Mac Pro with one of their M-series chips. But, according to the company’s global marketing president, there is still a new Mac Pro in development, which may have Apple’s new powerful M2 Ultra chip.

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During an interview, Apple’s marketing executive Bob Borchers was asked if the company would be able to stick to its roadmap to switch all Mac devices, including the Mac Pro, to Apple Silicon. Borchers confirmed that Apple is committed to its plans and will continue to offer Macs with their own chips.

We’ve already received information about the upcoming Apple silicon Mac Pro before, and now there are more details emerging. Apparently, the new machine will have a similar appearance to the Intel version that we’re used to, and it won’t be possible to upgrade it on your own. The Mac Pro is expected to run on Apple’s M2 Ultra chip, and the reason why the RAM won’t be user-upgradeable is that the M2 Ultra chip has unified memory. This means that the RAM is integrated into the chipset, making upgrades very difficult.

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There were rumors before that the Mac Studio might not receive an M2 Ultra chip upgrade since it has similarities with the upcoming Mac Pro. However, it’s not clear when either device will be released. Many people believe that Apple will likely release the Mac Pro later this year. During the interview, Borchers also talked about how Apple’s focus on power efficiency could lead to better battery life for their wearables.

Via Indiatoday