Apple To Launch 10th Gen Intel Chip Based iMac This Week

The word regarding the release of a new iMac has spread. The news says these new iMacs will be powered by Intel’s 10th generation processors. Despite having a new processor, Apple doesn’t intend to redesign the iMac. Though we can expect the redesigned iMac with the custom Apple Silicon chips later this year.

The news that the new upcoming iMac will be released this week is based on two tweets and the guess of 9to5mac. As per the information provided by the first tweet, we can expect the iMac to be launched by next week on Monday. As the iMac will have no redesign hence Apple will announce it via a press release or by a post on its social media handles.

Along with the release, we can expect an increase in the storage capacities of the new Intel-based iMacs. This will be done to equate the improvement and restoration they have done to the rest of the product line up.

The second tweet tells us that we can expect a newly designed iMac when Apple powers them with its own custom based silicon chips. Till then, the iMac will have some major and minor improvements. The other significant improvements include the housing of Intel 10th Gen processor and storage upgrades. The minor upgrades include features like T2 security chip and faster memory. The tweet further mentioned that purchasing a new iMac is not a good decision as Apple has already started the two-year switch to ARM-based Macs.

The spec leak of the new iMac mentioned that it would house a 95W TDP 10-Core Core i9-10910 processor with a 3.60Ghz base frequency. AMD Radeon Pro 5300 graphics will be used for the graphics. It was previously told that Apple has a lot of new ready to ship products including the new iMac.

Talking about the new Apple silicon-based iMac, it will have thinner bezels and better performance along with exciting new features. It is expected to be launched by the end of this year, but it is not sure whether it will be an iMac or the MacBook.