Apple’s AR Headset Will Feature Three Displays With Micro OLED Panels

Apple is expected to launch its AR/VR Headset this year. According to the reports, Apple’s AR Headset will be equipped with three displays.

The display analyst, Ross Young, says that Apple’s AR/VR Headset will have two Micro OLED Displays and an AMOLED Panel for Peripheral Vision. According to the research report, Apple’s AR Headset will possess two micro OLED displays along with one AMOLED panel. The micro OLED displays which are provided by Sony will act as the primary display for the headset.

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Some other reports suggest that Apple may use the AMOLED technology for low-resolution peripheral vision. Sony recently revealed a 4000 pixels per inch display that is manufactured to work for VR headsets. Sony may have introduced the technology exclusively for Apple. If the rumors are true, then Apple will probably utilize Sony’s display technology and 4000 by 4000 pixels indicate a 1.4-inch diagonal display size for the headset.

The display analyst further revealed that this new display technology will be quite expensive and Apple’s AR/VR headset will cost several thousand dollars. The price range matches with past rumors proposing that the headset would cost around $3,000.

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It is expected that the company will make its AR/VR headset available to professionals and developers, to begin with. Reportedly, the headset will be announced at the WWDC event and launched after a few months.