Apple’s custom GPU likely to be faster than Intel iGPU

There is a lot of discussion around Apple’s own chips, named Apple SIlicon since the company announced it’s bringing them to its Mac lineup. One of the most-anticipated things with regards to Apple Silicon is graphics performance. Now we have an idea about how well Apple’s custom GPU might perform.

The information comes from a report from The China Times, which says that the Apple Silicon GPUs will at the very least be outperforming the Intel GPU that it will replace. To be fair, the Intel iGPUs we have had in Apple systems until this point have been pretty underpowered.

In comparison, the M-series co-processors that have accompanied Apple’s A-series chips have been very good. We are likely to see the performance translated across since it’s Apple Silicon + Apple software. This is likely to hold true at least for the iOS games that the new Macs will be able to run.

Apple Silicon GPU

Apple Silicon is first expected to ship in the 12″ MacBook, which will be debuted before the end of this year. It will be based on TSMC’s 5nm process and will be a brand new series. However, this GPU that the report mentions, is codenamed Lifuka and will be shipping in the iMac, next year. It is not clear what the situation will be with the MacBooks set to release prior to that.

We’ll just have to wait and watch. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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