Leakster Shares ARM-Based MacBook Specs: $800 Starting price, 12-inch Retina Display, 4th-Gen Butterfly Keyboard,etc.

Detailed specifications of Apple’s first Arm-based MacBook are shared again by Komiya. The previous reports hinted about the 12-inch display in the newer Arm-based MacBook. It also gave us an idea that it would start from $799. The new details are somewhat similar too.

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According to the recent tweet, the upcoming ARM-based MacBook will offer a 12-inch Retina Display with one port only. It also hints that Apple will be using the chassis of the discontinued 12-inch MacBook

Komiya previously stated the use of the A14X Bionic chipset for the 12-inch MacBook. It also mentioned the 20-hour battery life. This time he didn’t mention any chipset that will be used but shared the 8GB and 16GB RAM configurations available. We can also expect 256GB storage that will be upgradeable to 1TB through Apple Store.

Komiya was expecting the return of the butterfly keyboard and his latest tweet suggests the same. The butterfly keyboard will be a barrier for consumers planning to purchase the new MacBook. Due to the keyboard’s spontaneous hardware issues, Apple had to provide the scissor-switch keyboard on its new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Bringing the butterfly keyboard back will be a disaster.

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The 12-inch MacBook will weigh 2 pounds making it light and portable. As far as the price is concerned, Komiya suggests a starting price of $849. The Apple Program will allow students to purchase it for $799.

Although the on-paper specifications are promising but the real-world performance will tell whether the 12-inch MacBook will live up to its hype or not.