Promotional Videos of Intel 11th Generation“Tiger Lake” Processors Leaked

The leaked promotional video of Intel 11th Generation Core “Tiger Lake” Processors was received by a twitter user, h0x0d. The leaked video confirmed the new logo that Intel would use as its corporate identity and the new EVO Powered by Core brand extension.

The leaked video also confirmed the separate case badge for notebooks that use Iris Xe discrete graphics (DG1) and Xe Gen12 iGPU of “Tiger Lake”. Intel’s Technology will allow Xe LP iGPU and dGPU to work as a single unit. VideoCardz was able to scan out some useful information from the video. The video revealed clock speeds of up to 4.80Ghz(Boost), 3.11Ghz base speed, 4/8 core count, and a new 10 nm SuperFin transistor.

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Shots of “Tiger Lake” 4c+96Eu were also provided. These shots suggest that “Tiger Lake” uses the DRAM(HBM) stack on the package, using EMIB. H0x0d also posted pictures of “Tiger Lake” based Lenovo Yoga 9i and HP Spectre notebooks.

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