PS5 Faces An Apparent Delay: Initial launch in USA/Canada, Delayed For Rest Of The World

Covid-19 caused problems for the gaming industry too. For a console launch, these problems will continue. Since it is not an essential item, every procedure from ordering raw materials to manufacturing is going to be delayed. The PS5 will be impacted by these issues if the accidental reveal by Activision Blizzard holds any importance.

An Observant twitter user, Riaan van Wyk spotted a notice at the end of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer. The message stated a different launch date for the US and Canada than the rest of the world. The following was displayed at the end of the trailer:

  • •On PS4 : Nov 13
    •PS5 Coming Holiday 2020: US and Canada
    •PS5 Coming Late 2020: Rest of the World

This could be a mistake made by Activision Blizzard but the same information is available on the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War website. These mysteries will unfold with time.

The pre-order registrations for PS5 were only made available in the North American market which further confirms the delayed-release in the rest of the world. It isn’t surprising to see the delayed arrival in the international markets except for their hometown Japan.