Apps that can save your life? Here they are!

We live in the world of apps or applications. We are surrounded by them. They are present on all our gadgets, let it be a smartphone, a tablet or anything else: we got used to them and we are continuously using them.  We know they can be used for many things: from gaming to learning from recording to listening and so much more. But there are in fact apps which can in fact save our lives given the situation. Hereby we would like to represent you with a list of the specific apps which can in fact save your life, given the circumstances.

Before we get started let’s also underline the fact that not all these apps can be used globally: some are only to be used in the United States or any other country.  We do our best to let you know which apps are regional and which are global in terms of usability.

The fact that this app can be accessed straight from the emergency dial section without someone having to even unlock the phone says it all about its usefulness. This app can be crucial for those who suffer from a condition that needs special attention: let it be diabetes, special allergies or heart condition that needs special care. This app is especially suggested for those going on a trip or going on holiday, or when it comes to traveling abroad. The app has been specifically make to be available even if the person is not conscious enough to be able to unlock their phone. The Medical ID also contains the full name the blood type and the emergency contact numbers.

  • ICE Standard

This app works quite like the upper mentioned Medical ID with an extra feature: it puts all your medical information which can be crucial for others to see on your lock screen. This is highly important for those who suffer from any specific conditions. As an extra ICE has an inbuilt extra called Smart911 for US citizens: this would automatically send over this emergency card to the police when you dial 911 for help.

  • Bugle

If you have a family, then you are all familiar with the fear of your loved one go missing. There is rarely a fear bigger than this for any parent. This is exactly what this application was designed for. You can add various programs to it to which your kid or relative needs to check-in on time. Failure to do so will send out an instant alert to the given emergency contacts. The app is especially good if your family members travel abroad too.

  • Kitestring

This app is quite similar to the upper mentioned Bugle. It checks up on you in every 45 minutes if you give it the programs you are to attend and if you fail to check in or respond in any manner it will automatically alert the contacts you provide in your emergency list.

  • Family locator

This one works with the help of a GPS and it’s worth a treasure because it helps you know where your family members are in any given time. The app also includes an insta-messenger.

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