Choosing the Right Computer for Your Online Master’s Degree

Studying for a master’s degree online has never been so popular. Whether you are a recent graduate looking to improve your employability, a mom or dad hoping to return to your career, or simply enjoy learning so much that you want to continue your college education, there are thousands of online degree programs to choose from. Whether your career is in engineering, healthcare, business, or something else, choosing the right computer to use for study, research and creating your assignments is essential.


When studying for your master of science in nursing online from Bradley University, one of the first decisions that you’ll need to make before purchasing your new computer is whether you’d like a laptop or a desktop PC. Many online students don’t want to spend all their time at home, and since it’s easy to study for an online program in any location with an internet connection, a laptop means that you can take your studies to local coffee shops, the library, or even on vacation with you!


If you’re considering a laptop for your online master of science in nursing and hope to be able to travel with your studies, then it’s important to take the weight into consideration. Thanks to the flexibility and self-led nature of online education, it’s not uncommon to see many online students take on a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, traveling and exploring different destinations as they learn. If this sounds like something that you would like to do then a lightweight laptop is essential as it’s easier to carry with you and won’t add a great deal of weight to your baggage.


Depending on the type of degree program that you are studying for online, you may benefit from investing in a desktop or laptop PC with a high level of random access memory (RAM). According to experts, the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to RAM is at around 8GB, although if you use a lot of different software programs on your computer at the same time when studying or completing assignments, then you may benefit from more.

Operating System

Today, online students don’t just use their desktop or laptop PC when studying – if you are going to be accessing your degree program from a range of devices such as a smartphone and tablet, then it’s a good idea to choose a laptop that will sync up well. For example, if you currently use an iPhone to help with study-related things such as setting reminders, using a timetabling app and making notes, a MacBook could be the best type of computer for you as you will be able to sync the two devices perfectly. On the other hand, if you use an Android or Windows Phone, you may want to consider a Windows laptop or even a Chromebook.

As an online postgrad student, you will rely on your computer to complete work and achieve high grades. So, be sure that when you invest in a new desktop or laptop PC, you take these main points into consideration.

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