Most addictive apps on smartphones

In recent years, the way in which people game has changed significantly thanks to the introduction of smartphones. These devices can essentially do anything a desktop computer can do through the use of applications or more commonly, apps. By being able to access app stores, mobile phone users can easily download games, many of which are free. This ease of access has also contributed to the trend in gaming.

European Roulette Gold

The original version of this game, Classic European Roulette, was quite popular until this enhanced version was released. Many users find this game even more realistic as if you’ve been transported into an actual live casino except you can play it wherever you are as long as you’re connected to the internet. The nature of the game of roulette has always been rather kinetic so it stands to reason that this fun could also be enjoyed in a mobile version of the game.


While you can find a number of similar games in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, there is only one original gem swapping game and it is the best. You have three different playing options from the classic match three, the impossible to lose at Zen and diamond mine. Diamond mine may not be familiar to many but it is a high adrenaline game where players race against the clock. If you want more time to finish, the game will let players have more time if they first watch an in-app advertisement.  Find other releases of this same game.

Angry Birds

Original made for iOS, Angry Birds was an instant success when it was first available for Android devices. Some say the free price tag may have had something to do with this. In this game, birds are on the attack trying to use a slingshot to wipe out their porcine foes. While this is the original installment, sequels have been released including one with Star Wars inspired characters.

Consider downloading one of these addicting mobile games to try out on your device. Perhaps some other current releases would make this list next time.

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