Arctic Liquid Freezer III AIO CPU Cooler Leaked

Arctic is putting the final touches on its upcoming Liquid Freezer III all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. Crafted predominantly in-house, this cooler boasts distinctive design enhancements compared to its predecessor, the Liquid Freezer II series. Notably, the pump-block showcases a unique design reminiscent of an aircraft turbofan engine intake.


In earlier iterations of the Liquid Freezer series, the VRM area ventilation fan seemed suspended above the pump-block, almost like a secondary element. In this version, the fan is positioned within the top vent of the pump-block, directing its airflow laterally to supply some ventilation to your CPU VRM and memory areas, with the pump situated nearby.


Three color trims are available, each with four size variants. The trims consist of White + ARGB, Black + ARGB, and Black without lighting. The White + ARGB and Black + ARGB versions feature addressable RGB LED elements on the pump-block, utilizing the fan vent as an LED diffuser. Additionally, each included fan has its own lighting.


Each of the three trims offers size variants: 240 (240 mm x 120 mm), 280 (280 mm x 140 mm), 360 (360 mm x 120 mm), and 420 (420 mm x 140 mm). Arctic has enhanced the radiator design by extending its finnage (heat dissipation surface area) to the frame’s edges. Further details on specifications, including cooling performance and fan specs, will be revealed soon as we approach the product launch.