Are foldable phones really the future of mobiles?

Once upon a time, the flip phone was one of the most impressive innovations to have ever been brought to the phone market, with Motorola perhaps being one of the most famous companies to have provided them.

However, the continued development of technology essentially meant that smartphones would come to the forefront of the market, which saw the flip design become rather obsolete as manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung decided to provide devices that were just one piece.

Samsung, though, has since decided it is time to try and turn the market on its head once again, as they have decided to introduce a line that sees their smartphone devices become foldable as they continue to try and be the leader within the industry.

However, do foldable phones work and are they the future of the industry? We take a look at some of the biggest benefits and potential drawbacks that may be faced…


Immediately, one of the biggest benefits that will likely be experienced is by those who like to play games on smartphone devices as they will be able to take advantage of a larger screen.

The foldable phones will typically be able to display a screen that can almost be twice the size of the current smartphones available on the market. This means those who look to play games on their device, whether they are enjoying a title from a huge selection of online slots that can be browsed when connecting to the internet via an online casino or whether it is a game that has been downloaded from the app store.

Equally, the larger screen can also help to enhance mobile streaming, with many using these devices to watch the latest TV shows, films and internet clips whilst on the go. Additionally, those who like to take photos and videos with these devices may also be able to benefit as they will be able to do different things at the same time.

Lastly, the fact that the phone is foldable might suit those that find the rigid versions currently available difficult to make portable. Unfortunately, not all pockets are created equally, therefore some smartphones may be too big for certain pockets. A foldable phone, though, could save space as it can be reduced in size and does not have to be as clunky as the current models on the market.


One of the biggest drawbacks that could be faced with a foldable device is going to be the price point that they will carry. It is no secret that smartphones continue to increase in price with each edition that is released, with some going for more than £/$/€1,000.

With something being so new, many might be reluctant to spend so much money on a device that is foldable, especially as there may be some concerns about how resilient the gadget is because of the continued folding it will likely go through.

The novelty factor is thought to still remain despite this type of smartphone having been made available over the last few years, with models such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2 still not quite having the huge impact on the market that many would have anticipated.