Are the Long Awaited GPU Price Drops Finally Coming?

For the past year graphics card pricing has remained pretty much the same, even with NVIDIA releasing new cards the prices of older hardware has been stagnant. It seems for both AMD and NVIDIA they have kept the prices of old hardware the same to soften the blow from the fall of the cryptocurrency mining boom.

Now it seems that many AMD and NVIDIA partners are working on promotions and discounts to get rid of their large amounts of unsold inventory. Moves like this will certainly affect their bottom line when it comes to profits, but it is what these companies have to do to move product. Remember that hardware sold at even a tiny profit is better than not selling hardware at all and having it sit in a warehouse.


According to DigiTimes these price-drops are already happening. They say that AMD-partner TUL Corporation, which manages the PowerColor brand saw an increases of 115% in revenues (comapared to December). This increase in revenue is still negative YoY, where it is at 85.7% lower compared to January 2018, which was the peak of the crypto boom.

Hard times might be coming to both AMD and NVIDIA partners who might have to bite the bullet on pricing to move their stockpiles of older unsold hardware.

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