Apex Legends Battle Pass Rumored To Launch March 12th

Apex Legends is definitely the hottest game on the internet right now. It has already gained 50 million players in just a month! Since we are in March gamers are expecting the first Battle Pass for the game as well as its first season to kick off.

apex legends road map

The first Battle Pass for the game is rumored to be launching on March 12th. With it will come new Legends, weapons, and loot. While we do not know what all of these will be, the rumor is that the new Legend will be Octane. This is according to someone who took a photo of the character “off of the screen of someone working on the project”.

apex legends octane

Daily Esports is also confirming the rumors that March 12th is indeed the release date for the games first Battle Pass. Octane is the central promotional figure for the Battle Pass and should be either released alongside the Battle Pass or just before it.

While we do not know much about Octane and his skill-set the below image has been circulating the web, obviously take it with a grain of salt at this point.

apex legends octane2

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