Are You Using The Best Cloud Server In 2021?

With the explosion of remote work, on demand services and the whole 4th Industrial Revolution, businesses and developers are increasingly relying a lot more on cloud servers. The current health crisis has pushed a massively increased demand for stability, speed and computing power that can be deployed instantly, and big data is now part of virtually every branch of the economy.

Many are still relying on Microsoft, AWS Cloud, or even Google Servers (or MAG, as we call them). However, no matter how justifiably respectable those names are, they still offer cookie cutter solutions and barely above average performances at their low-mid tier packages. Of course, they are still the 3 headed leviathan of cloud computing, and nothing beats Google when it comes to machine learning, if you´re interested in algorithm training.

However, if you want true flexibility when implementing or deploying solutions, a more personalized cloud server environment and focused attention is key to achieve expected results or decreased project deadlines.

And we´re not merely talking about pushing the boundaries of a fledgling e-Commerce site, or hosting a gaming server. Managing large databases and training a complex algorithm to reduce predictability windows requires enormous CPU power that goes beyond the typical 2nd generation 8-cores offered by most hosting services.

My partners have been looking into visual prediction systems that recognize and discriminate hundreds of thousands of objects for various purposes, and training a viable algorithm took us a couple of weeks even using Google systems.

We decided to give the same task to a cloud server company we saw featured in HostingAdvice called Kamatera. They have servers all around the globe, which gives them an edge over other giants such as AliBaba who are having problems securing a foothold here in the US. They also boasted newer CPUs than everyone else and in quantities rarely offered by other commercial options without having to become a VIP customer, or committing to long term contracts.

Needless to say, we were very impressed by their capabilities. We ran our test algorithm on their servers, and they deployed reliable predictions within less than 8 days (roughly 50% faster than AWS for the same price), and they even offered to add more power if needed, so I believe we haven’t even seen what they’re capable of.

Theis customer service was top notch. So much so, we were almost finishing each other’s sentences halfway through the project, that’s definitely a plus. We´re excited to migrate some of our biggest projects with them, and they promised they would start adopting newer N-Vidia GPU processors as their standard to boost computing power in the near future.

2021 will prove to be a year where automation and high level prediction power will play a crucial role in how businesses rise and fall. So, having an agile and completely dedicated cloud server company that can also keep up with the increasing demand for computing power will be extremely important for those who want to ride the 4th Industrial Revolution wave for years to come.

I can´t wait to see what else Kamatera Cloud Servers will do for our team this year.