ASUS Announces Industry First Fully-Automated Graphics Card Production Process

ASUS has just started a new production for their graphics cards that they are calling Auto-Extreme. According to ASUS it is the industries first fully-automated production process for graphics cards.

ASUS Auto-Extreme

Typically when graphics cards are built many of their components are installed by hand. This introduces a chance of human error. The new production process fully automates all of the steps of the PCB manufacturing, this includes rolling the spools and manufacturing the MOSFETs. Since the process is automated it can be done with more precision than ever before and with less error.

Because of the process the PCB’s of the cards have a much smoother design. Also all of the components are installed without oxidation and in environments with less dust. The process will be good for customers as well as the you will see lower failure rates and lower production costs, which should hopefully translate into lower prices. The first ASUS graphics cards to be manufactured using this process were the companies 20th Anniversary Cards.

Source: Toms Hardware | News Archive

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