ASUS Announces Up To €150/£130 Cashback For GeForce RTX 40 ProArt And TUF GPUs

ASUS is eliminating the extra cost associated with their GPUs. Historically, ASUS GPUs have been on the expensive side, particularly the ProArt series, which hasn’t been known for affordability. However, with this new promotion, these components might be more appealing to potential buyers.

The latest cashback offer from ASUS extends to motherboards, graphics cards, and AIO coolers. Moreover, system integrator systems featuring ProArt hardware are also eligible for cashback or rebates. Although enumerating all options would be tedious, they likely aren’t as significant as the GPUs. Notably, the RTX 4090 TUF model has been discounted by up to 150 EUR/130 GBP. As for the inclusion of the TUF model in the ProArt promotion, it’s likely due to ASUS not releasing RTX 4090 ProArt GPUs yet.


The alternative choice would be the RTX 4080 SUPER. It’s worth noting that non-SUPER variants are not part of this promotion, with the exception of the RTX 4070, which remains in circulation. For the RTX 4080 SUPER, you can receive up to 90 EUR, while the RTX 4070 qualifies for 55 EUR, and the RTX 4060 for 30 EUR.

The promotion now includes ProArt motherboards: Z790 with a 55 EUR cashback, B760 with 28 EUR, X670E with 55 EUR, and B650 with 32 EUR. For AIO cooler choices, there’s the ProArt LC 420 with a 40 EUR cashback and the TUF Gaming LC II 360 with 30 EUR cashback.

The cashback offer under “ProArt” may not be available in all countries, and the duration of its availability may vary. In Nordic countries, it runs from April 9th to May 21st.

Via Videocardz