ASUS Geforce GTS 450 DirectCU OC 1GB Video Card Review

Final Thoughts
The GTS 450 sits at the lower-end of available video cards, but it does have its uses.  First off if you are still not using a DirectX 11 card this will get you in to the game.  Also if you are looking for a dedicated PhysX card this is perfect for that.  The price tag of about $130 makes this card hard to pass up if you are trying to save money as well.

The is the highest overclocked GTS 450 that we have looked at.  ASUS took the GTS 450 from its stock speed of 783 Mhz brought it all the way up to 850 MHz.  Now with this overclock you are going to see a difference in frame rates compared to reference cards.

Talking about reference cards the DirectCU cooler on ASUS’s GTS 450 is the best cooling solution that we have seen on the card.  I think this along with the high overclock makes this card the definite choice when it comes to picking out a GTS 450.

As I said this card can be found online for about $130.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the ASUS Geforce GTS 450 Direct CU OC 1GB Video Card a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– DirectCU cooling system
– Overclocked up to 850 MHz
– Price
– Quite

– None that I found

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