ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN BLACK and GTX 790 Get Listed!

Last week we talked about NVIDIA launching the GeForce GTX Titan Black Edition and a GeForce GTX 790 and it looks to be true! Both the GeForce GTX Titan Black and GeForce GTX 790 has been listed on foreign retail websites.


The GeForce GTX Titan Black model is the ASUS GeForce GTX Titan Black (GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5). We do not have the exact specs yet but we are assuming it is a GK110 GPU with 2880 CUDA cores and all of the same features that were on the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. We can confirm that it will come with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory. We also are unsure of what the card actually looks like, whether it is just painted black or an entirely different design. The card has been listed for 974 EUR.


The GeForce GTX 790 model that is listed is also from ASUS and it looks like it will be more than $999! We that we can guess that it will have two full GK110 GPUs on board. We can also confirm that it will have 6GB of GDDR5 memory. That is currently all that we know at this time.


The expected launch date for these cards is set to be in the next two to three weeks so stay tuned as we will be covering these launches very closely!

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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