ASUS Introduces Quad-Slot GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Featuring Noctua Fans

The most recent inclusion in the RTX 40 series is the SUPER variant. ASUS has once more partnered with the Austrian cooling experts, Noctua, to introduce the RTX 4080 SUPER Noctua. Remaining true to its origins, this version upholds the distinctive brown color scheme.

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The recently revealed RTX 4080 SUPER Noctua Edition closely mirrors its predecessor, featuring dual 120mm Noctua NF-A12x25 PWN fans. Based on the TUF RTX 4080 SUPER design, the card maintains the vapor chamber and heatsink foundation. ASUS enlarged the frame to integrate the Noctua fans seamlessly.

Renowned for its silent performance, the RTX 4080 Noctua had already gained acclaim as one of the market’s most noise-efficient designs, accomplishing this feat without the necessity of three fans. Noctua elaborates that the NF-A15x25 fans feature a low-resonance liquid crystal polymer fan impeller, strengthened by a stable motor hub and bearings.

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ASUS has verified that this configuration includes a factory OC mode, boasting a clock speed of 2640 MHz—90 MHz above the NVIDIA reference specifications. In the default mode, the card is shipped with a clock speed of 2610 MHz.

The reviews of the RTX 4080 Noctua emphasize the cooler’s remarkable efficiency, although the design might not suit everyone’s taste. The RTX 4080 non-SUPER Noctua debuted in March 2023 with a significantly higher launch price of $1,649, surpassing the NVIDIA MSRP by $450. At this price point, opting for the swifter RTX 4090 becomes a viable alternative. Although ASUS has not officially disclosed the pricing for the SUPER version, it is evident that it won’t come at a low cost; at most, it might be $200 cheaper considering the reduced NVIDIA MSRP.

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Source: ASUS