ASUS Intros RTX 4090 TUF OG Series Graphics Cards

ASUS just unveiled a couple of brand new graphics cards, named TUF OG, which belong to the GeForce RTX 4090 series. Interestingly, last week the company ran a contest where they promised a free card to whoever guessed the name of the upcoming GPU, and today they revealed it to be TUF OG. It was quite surprising for many as no one expected a revamp of the old TUF design, which was previously used for the RTX 3090 series.

asus tuf og 1

In terms of specifications, it seems that both the old and new TUF designs have similar clock speeds, with a maximum boost clock of up to 2595 MHz in OC Mode. However, there have been changes in the physical design of the TUF OG cards. In comparison to the newer design, the OG cards are slimmer, with a thickness of 3.65 slots as opposed to 3.2 slots, and also a bit shorter by 2 cm, measuring 34.8 cm instead of 32.6 cm.

asus tuf og 2

You may notice that the RTX 4090 TUF OG features a significantly larger printed circuit board (PCB) when compared to the latest design from 2022. This is most likely because the RTX 3090 Ti TUF PCB was utilized for the 4090 series, given that both graphics cards are pin-compatible. A cursory glance at reviews for the RTX 3090 Ti TUF/STRIX seems to support this notion, although the PCB has not been replicated in its entirety.

ASUS has previously updated their old cooling solutions for new SKUs, but this wasn’t a frequent occurrence in previous GeForce series. This latest refresh of old designs for new cards raises questions about its purpose, with the only apparent reason being to potentially lower production costs or to reuse coolers that were already manufactured.