ASUS Is Offering 16-pin PCIe Gen5 Power Cable for ROG Thor and Thor II PSUs

ASUS has ventured into rather shaky territory. According to reports from Chinese Chiphell tech-forums, ASUS has become one of the first in its industry to give away a 16-pin power cable for recent ROG Thor power supplies orders. So far, we haven’t heard of any power supply manufacturer offering 450W or 600W adapters for their power supplies. There isn’t even a need for that considering that all GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards come with their own support adapters. These adapters would come in quite handy if the graphics cards weren’t coming with one of their own.

ASUS PSU Cable 1200x662 1

RTX 3090 Ti remains to be the only card that still requires the use of such a cable and it is also the only card which requires 450W of power. Considering that there is a lack of any PCIe Gen5 power supplies for sale, the 450W of power can only be supported through 3×8-pin adapter cables each of which will support 150W of power.

Some of the retailers are also offering ASUS 600W 16-pin power cable to ROG Thor I 1200W and Thor II 1000W supplies. However, this is only there for recent purchases.

Silverstone Fara R1 power supply

It will only take a few weeks till the power supplies equipped with native PCIe Gen5 cable connectors will be launched. ASUS is developing a power supply named the ROG Loki which means that those gamers who are waiting to upgrade to the RTX 40 series have plenty of time to get their hands on a new power supply.

Via Chiphell