ASUS ROG Ally With Ryzen Z1 Extreme Finally Drops To $619 For Black Friday

Merely a day following the launch of the Lenovo Legion GO, the ASUS ROG Ally has seen a price drop at one of its official retail outlets. The AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme edition of the portable gaming device, ROG Ally, had maintained a consistent price of $699 for several months, with no apparent rationale for the price reduction, even as the holiday season approaches.

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Nonetheless, with the debut of the Lenovo Legion Go, ASUS has come under scrutiny. Their console, initially priced similarly, provides slightly inferior technical specifications and features, lacking an 8.8-inch QHD+ screen, a smaller battery, and removable gamepads, in contrast to the ‘Go.’ It didn’t take much time for the Ally to receive a price modification, coinciding with the BestBuy Black Friday promotion.

As a quick reminder, the console can only be obtained through specific US partners, either from the official ASUS webstore or BestBuy. The latter has recently lowered the price from $699 to $619, resulting in an $80 reduction, equivalent to roughly an 11% discount. Interestingly, despite this price adjustment, the non-Extreme Ryzen Z1 version is still priced at $599. Given the enhanced specifications of the Extreme version (including +2 Zen4 cores and 3 times more RDNA3 CUs), the extra $20 investment is certainly worthwhile.


It’s important to note that this price revision is currently exclusive to Black Friday and limited to a single retail partner. However, it aligns with the desired trend in the portable gaming sector, with increased competition and the prospect of improved devices in the future.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that BestBuy offers a price match guarantee, applicable to purchases made between October 27 and December 30. They will match the price for these items, excluding open box products.

Via BestBuy