ASUS Shows Strix Claw And Strix Tactic Pro

There are a few ASUS products available in other territories that will see a US launch in 2015. Strix Tactic Pro is a mechanical keyboard available in all flavors of Cherry MX switches (red, brown, blue). Strix Tactic Claw is a 5000dpi gaming mouse geared towards FPS players.

Asus Tactic Pro

Strix Tactic Pro has 21 programmable buttons (13 dedicated, plus F1-F8) that can be programmed on the fly by using the ‘Macro Recording’ button on Strix Tactic Pro. Even though specifics aren’t mentioned, Asus claims Strix Tactic Pro meets the highest N-key rollover specification. Strix Tactic Pro also has the option to enable 6-Key Roll Over to function more like a traditional keyboard.

Asus Strix Tactic Pro

Strix Claw uses Omron Switches (D2F-01F) and has a total of eight buttons, three of which are fully programmable. Mouse movement can be tracked at up to 130 inches/sec with sensitivity adjustable in 50dpi increments. There is also a dpi clutch titled ‘Sniper Button’, effectively lowering the dpi while sniping so more accurate shots can be achieved on the fly. Strix Claw has 64KB of built-in memory to save your favorite settings, so no matter where you go, your mouse will always be exactly the way you like it.

Asus Strix Claw


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