ASUS TUF, PRIME and ROG STRIX H670 and B660 Motherboards Leaked

According to reports from China, the H670 series has not been canceled at all. The pictures of next-gen motherboards from ASUS have been leaked.

The pictures of four motherboards featuring H670 and B660 chipsets have been released. It is understood that H670 is better than B660, but the differences are not very prominent, which is perhaps the reason that previous reports claimed that Intel might drop the X70 chipset altogether.

However, the H670 motherboards shown in this leak are DDR- based. According to reports, the B660 ROG STRIX boards with DDR5 memory seem a lot more feature-rich. It is expected that those B660 boards may be priced higher than the H670.

Reportedly, the H670/B660 are expected to be announced by Intel at CES 2022 on January 4th. Moreover, the retailers have already started stocking up as reports by leakers indicated that the launch will be limited in number.

Via Videocardz