TSMC To Begin 3nm Chip Production in the Last Quarter of 2022

Apple has decided to shift from Intel to the custom chips with the upcoming iMac. It is expected that in the future Apple will eventually shift to its own chips as some rumors have come up about the production of Apple’s 3nm chips. Reportedly, TSMC will start the commercial production of 3nm process chips at the end of the coming year. Rumors say that Apple will launch its devices featuring 3nm chips in 2023. The devices will probably include Macs with an M3 chip as well as an A17 chip for the iPhone.

Apple M3 Chips

The new 3nm processors are expected to show better performance capabilities and better battery life.

As revealed by past reports, the above-mentioned chips in future Macs could potentially possess up to four dies which makes it a 40-core CPU. On the other hand, the M1 chip features an 8-core CPU while the M1 Pro and M1 max chips feature a 10-core CPU. We have already seen numerous tests on how the new chip is better than the rest when it comes to speed.

Apple 3nm Chips 1030x670 1

The A15 chip in the iPhone is possibly the fastest chip on a smartphone and moving the chip on a 3nm process will unlock further computing power.

Via DigiTimes