Intel Core i3-12100/12300 And i5-12400 Alder Lake-S CPUs Have Already Been Tested Before Launch

Reviews about the cheapest Alder Lake-S lineup have been published by a leakster “热心市民描边怪” at Chiphell.

CB R20 12300

The reviews feature quad-core Intel i3-12100 and i3-12300 processors. Another review features Core i5-12400 with 6-cores. Each of these SKUs will be launched in January next year.  The qualification samples of the above-mentioned SKUs have been featured in the review: QYVQ, QYVR, QYHW, QTVM, each one nearly shows similar performance to the retail samples.

CB R23 12300

Reportedly, there are two qualification samples of the i5-12400 CPU, the C0 and H0 revisions, similar to each other but there are some differences in terms of power consumption and heat generation. The H0 is probably based on the new Alder Lake desktop die which does not have Efficient cores, while the C0 is a cut-down version of current high-performance desktop chips.


The SKUs have been tested with Apacer NOX DDR4-4266 MHz memory and Z690/X570 platforms.

People from 3DCenter have compiled the synthetic data featured in the reviews for the quad-core CPUs.

Via Wccftech