ASUS Unveils TRX50-SAGE Motherboard For Threadripper 7000 CPUs

Last week, Gigabyte experienced a minor setback with the launch of their AERO D motherboard. Following suit, ASRock and ASUS have now introduced their Threadripper 7000 motherboards, which feature the SP6 socket (LGA4844). While the TRX50 series is primarily aimed at the High-End Desktop (HEDT) market, the price tags for these motherboards, even for non-PRO Threadripper CPUs, might lead some to view them as luxury items.


For professionals and advanced users interested in building powerful compute farms, the ASUS TRX50 SAGE motherboard is now an option. It can support the flagship 96-core Threadripper 7000 PRO CPU and offers five PCIe slots, with three of them featuring the Gen5 x16 interface. This motherboard is equipped with 10Gb and 2.5GB Ethernet ports and also includes support for SlimSAS NVMe technology.

One notable feature of this motherboard is its 36-phase VRM design, which is complemented by two fans on each side. Additionally, it accommodates four DDR5 memory slots with error correction support.


Currently, ASUS has not revealed the full specifications for the board. Nevertheless, considering the upcoming AMD TR 7000 launch in November, we can anticipate that these details will be disclosed in the near future. Furthermore, more photos of the board are likely to be released at a later date.