Gigabyte Announces TRX50 AERO D Motherboard For Threadripper 7000 CPUs

AMD is on the verge of introducing its latest series of Threadripper CPUs in a few hours. Nevertheless, Gigabyte has jumped ahead by sharing details about their new motherboard design, the TRX50 AERO D. These CPUs are typically targeted at content creation and workstation systems.


The TRX50 AERO D offers compatibility with both Threadripper 7000 PRO and non-PRO series, as confirmed yesterday. It’s worth noting that the TRX50 AERO D is likely aimed at the High-End Desktop (HEDT) market, in contrast to the WRX90 series, which is designed for high-end workstation systems with a notably higher price point.


The new motherboard features the sTR5 (SP6) socket and has four DDR5 DIMM slots with support for up to quad-channel memory. It’s expected that support will extend to octa-channel for the WRX90 chipset. A notable feature of the TRX50 is its support for PCIe Gen5 GPUs and the capacity to accommodate up to three cards simultaneously, though exact specifications are not provided. It’s anticipated that the TRX50 will offer up to 64 PCIe Gen5 lanes and four supported M.2 slots.


In terms of memory support, the board can handle up to four R-DIMM memory modules, supporting AMD EXPO and Intel XMP overclocking profiles. The highest-rated memory configuration is DDR5-6800 in a 1Rx8 setup using the EXPO profile. The new motherboard may soon be available for pre-order, but the Threadripper 7000 platform is not expected to hit the shelves until next month.

Via Gigabyte