Avexir Unveils RAIDEN DDR3 with Lightning Tubes

Avexir has just unveiled their latest flagship DDR3 memory module, the RAIDEN. The module features a double-height design that has a plasma tube on top, which lights up with a blue lightning-effect, which could look pretty awesome in your case. The white heatspreader of the memory makes it the perfect match for say MSI’s Krait series or ASUS’s Z97 Sabertooth Mark S motherboard.


The modules themselves will feature a 8-layer PCB and have XMP profiles up to DDR3-2400 MHz. The white heatspreader is made of machined aluminum and helps take heat away from the hand-binned DRAM chips. The RAIDEN will come in speeds of DDR3-1866 and DDR3-2400 with densities of 4 GB and 8 GB in both dual and quad-channel kits.


Avexir did not reveal pricing or availability.

Source: Techpowerup! | News Archive

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