AYANEO Announces Flip DS Handheld Along With Retro A Style Mini-PCs

AYANEO leads the way in Windows handheld systems featuring AMD and Intel hardware. Faced with challenges following the release of Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Legion Go systems, the company explores unconventional avenues as Chinese handheld manufacturers seek new methods to market their products, opting to delve into the past.

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The company’s CEO, Arthur Zhang, introduces a new device series named Remake, featuring contemporary hardware while drawing inspiration for design and aesthetics from the early gaming console market. The initial focus will be on handheld and Mini-PC devices, including special editions reminiscent of the gaming era from the early 80s to 90s.

The company emphasizes that their systems are not mere replicas or basic imitations of classic products but rather a homage to the retro era, providing gamers an opportunity to experience older games enhanced by the capabilities of modern technologies.

Flip DS/Flip KB


AYANEO is gearing up to unveil several devices, some of which have been revealed through leaks. The initial product, AYANEO Flip, draws inspiration from the Nintendo 3DS. It presents a contemporary take on a clamshell device, featuring a full keyboard instead of a secondary screen. Referred to as Flip KB, it also comes in a variant with a secondary screen known as Flip DS. AYANEO asserts that this system is the true spiritual successor to the Nintendo model, incorporating modern enhancements and technology.


The official launch date for the Flip KB/DS systems is yet to be announced. However, these systems are scheduled for an official introduction in the coming month or two, with shipments commencing shortly thereafter.


AYANEO’s entry into the Mini-PC industry was imminent with the introduction of their initial systems under the Remake series. Unveiling two products, the first draws inspiration from Macintosh 1, named Retro Mini PC AM01, while the second is inspired by Nintendo NES and called AM02. Both models emulate the appearance of older systems but in a more compact form factor, integrating modern hardware.


On the AM01 system, the front “screen” is, in fact, a decorative piece of plastic that can be customized with a personal sticker. In contrast, the AM02 version incorporates a genuine screen with undisclosed capabilities, including the display of time and other data.


The AM01 and AM02 systems will be available either as barebone configurations, allowing users to customize them, or as fully specified versions with a pre-installed Windows operating system. Official announcements for both models are scheduled for later this month, although the complete specifications have not been disclosed by the company at this time.

Pocket DMG


As the product is presently in the development stage, comprehensive images are not available. The company is actively working on creating a system reminiscent of the Nintendo GameBoy, characterized by a top-mounted screen and retro-style keypads. Preliminary renders suggest the inclusion of analog volume control.