AZZA Inferno 310 Case Review


The first part into our build is our ASUS Crosshair VI Hero motherboard. Unfortunately, this is where we ran into a bit of a clearance issue with this case. This motherboard, and many others, features an IO shield that adds a bit of height to this section of the board. The rear 120mm fan would not allow us to slide the motherboard into place, as the fan’s frame was blocking the IO shield.

AZZA Inferno 310 Build1

Our fix for this issue was to remove the fan from the case, install the motherboard, and then reinstall the fan. While this worked out alright, we don’t like how tight the two parts are, and the fan ends up blocking most of the IO shield’s LED lighting.

AZZA Inferno 310 Build2

Next in line was our videocard, which we had no trouble installing. We utilized the bottom cutout on the right side of the motherboard for our two PCIe power cables, which helps keep the cabling somewhat organized.

AZZA Inferno 310 Build3

Our power supply slid into place at the bottom of the case just fine. And while we ended up removing the 3.5″ drive cage to give us a bit more room to work with and hide cables, there was still plenty of room for all of our cabling with the drive cage in place.

AZZA Inferno 310 Build4

Our current build utilizes both and M.2 SSD, as well as a traditional 2.5″ SSD. We chose to mount the 2.5″ drive on the back side of the motherboard panel, using one of the two drive trays. With this configuration, our drive’s data and power cables were able to route straight down, which made cable management that much easier.

To tidy up the front panel IO cabling, as well as the front fan cables, we snuck them in between the front frame of the case and the motherboard panel, keeping them in place with a few of the included zip ties. The remaining cable bundle was placed where the 3.5″ drive cage had previously resided. Since the right side panel is a solid piece, we weren’t too worried about getting that bundle to look perfect.

AZZA Inferno 310 Build5

The two included 120mm HURRICANE RGB fans were connected to our motherboard to allow us a bit of control over their speeds, while the RGB cables were attached to the built-in controller on the front panel of the case. The rear 120mm fan was connected directly to our power supply via its 4-pin Molex connector. While this results in the fan running at full speed, which is a bit louder than we would like, it does help to keep the interior of the case somewhat clutter free as opposed to connecting it directly to the motherboard.

AZZA Inferno 310 Left4

With everything in place, we think the AZZA Inferno 310 looks pretty good and shows off the internal hardware quite nicely. The numerous cable management cutouts let us route our cables quite efficiently, and while there aren’t many tie down spots, those that are there allowed us to keep things somewhat clean. One additional note, that applies to all builds, is to verify component clearances before making any final decisions. Our Cryorig H5 Universal cooler has a height of 160mm, and while AZZA states that the Inferno 310 will only support a cooler up to 155mm, we were still able to mount the tempered glass side panel with no issues. Anything larger and we would have been in trouble.

AZZA Inferno 310 Left3

When the lights go out, the Inferno 310 puts on a bit of a light show in a few areas. As mentioned, the front of the case features two of AZZA’s 120mm HURRICANE RGB fans, along with a lighted strip on one side of the panel door. In addition, the power supply shroud has a rectangular panel with an illuminated AZZA name badge. The light from the front fans looks great from the front and certain angles from the side, but they really don’t give off much light inside the case. If that is what you are going after, an LED strip would really help out.

AZZA Inferno 310 RGB1 e1509305661213 AZZA Inferno 310 RGB2 e1509305670712 AZZA Inferno 310 RGB3 e1509305700143

AZZA Inferno 310 RGB4 e1509305713444 AZZA Inferno 310 RGB5 e1509305722390 AZZA Inferno 310 RGB6 e1509305732700
AZZA Inferno 310 RGB7 e1509305683624

One thing we noticed was that the AZZA name badge lighting is a bit uneven, with a light source on each side of the logo. Nothing major, just something to point out.

AZZA Inferno 310 RGB8