AZZA Inferno 310 Case Review

A Look Inside

After removing the four thumb screws keeping the tempered glass panel in place, we are presented with a nicely laid out interior with a paint job that matches the exterior.

AZZA Inferno 310 Left Interior

Starting at the top, we have room for either three 120mm fans, or two 140mm fans. There is also enough clearance to install a slim radiator and fans, but extra caution must be taken to ensure there enough clearance for all components. Two rectangular cutouts for cable management sit above the motherboard area, and the large size of these cutouts is nice to see, as we are often left with a hole just large enough to accommodate the CPU power connection. The motherboard tray cutout is one of the largest we have ever seen, and is sure to provide ample clearance for every motherboard and cooler combination. Towards the top right of the interior we see the mounting bracket for the 5.25″ drive bay. This bracket utilizes a spring-loaded lever to keep the drive in place, and can also be removed for a cleaner looking interior.

AZZA Inferno 310 Top Interior

Moving down to the middle section of the case, we can see a single 120mm exhaust fan at the back of the case. This fan has both a 3-pin motherboard header plug and a 4-pin Molex power connector, allowing you to choose the best option for your build. The two 120mm HURRICANE RGB fans up front feature white frames with black mounting brackets at the corners. The HURRICANE RGB fans feature 3-pin plugs for power, and also utilize 4-pin RGB connectors that can either be connected to the built-in controller on the case, or used with a compatible motherboard. We mentioned cable management cutouts previously, and there are additional openings along the right side of the motherboard area. Along the right side of the interior are two mounting options for 2.5″ drives.

The bottom portion of the case is home to a power supply shroud with an AZZA badge that features RGB lighting. The top portion of the shroud has a single cutout for cabling, as well as a small louvered section to allow a bit of ventilation to any 3.5″ drives installed in the drive cage below. The shroud features an opening towards the front of the case which allows the lower fan to provide a bit of airflow across any components below.

AZZA Inferno 310 Bottom Interior

Switching to the other side of the case interior provides us a look at the options available to us for cable management, as well as a few additional drive mounting options. With such a large motherboard panel cutout, cable management duties are relegated to just a few tie down spots on the remaining interior surfaces. Unfortunately, the HURRICANE RGB fans each have two cables attached to each fan, for a total of four cables for the included front fans. Add in all of the front panel leads,and this can be quite a lot of cables to tidy up. Two 2.5″ drive trays are attached to the motherboard panel, and can easily be taken out of the case after removing a single thumb screw.

AZZA Inferno 310 Right Interior

Below the power supply shroud we have room for two 3.5″ drives, which are held in their cage by plastic drive trays. As we mentioned earlier, this lower cage can be removed from the case entirely to allow a bit of extra cabling room for the power supply. Speaking of which, four small pads help support the weight of the power supply, while a filtered intake grille allows for cooler exterior air to cool the unit.