Battlefield 2042’s Rumored “Battlefield Hub” Is Happening!

Prepare for some old-school fun, as it looks like the “Battlefield Hub” is happening. A few weeks ago, there was a rumor Battlefield 2042 (listed as “Redacted” on the game’s website) will offer an exciting new mode called the Battlefield Hub or BattleHub; this mode has favorite maps, vehicles, and weapons from the past game series and emphasizes upon fun instead of a competitive play.

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During today’s EA Play Live Spotlight presentation, which emphasized upon the “Future of FPS,” Christian Grass, GM at Ripple Effect Studios, revealed an important detail about Battlefield 2042’s much-debated Redacted mode:

Yes! The statement syncs with the rumors about the Battlefield Hub. Indeed, the specific details are not available yet, but nostalgic mode-based classic maps are confirmed.

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Tom Henderson, who provided the Battlefield Hub rumors, became part of the fun by leaking a list of classic maps which he heard will be included in Battlefield 2042. He has clarified that he is not 100 percent sure whether Battlefield Hub/BattleHub will be the name of the mode or not.

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