Battlefield 4 will Support Both 64 bit and 32 Bit, and DX 11.1

The recently held GPU 14 conference delivered quite a lot on the cued Battlefield 4 since there is a lot of anticipation among the much curious fans and a lot of questions still remain unanswered regarding the details of the latest much awaited Battlefield 4. There were rumors circling around that the Battlefield 4 will only be 64 bit and similar news was making its way through some sites on the web which were frequented by the fans of Battlefield. Dice revealed at this conference that no doubt the Battlefield 4 is going to support the 64 bit binaries as well as Direct X but this is going to bring along some fallback options in case of debunking that aforementioned reports.


But this is not entirely true that the Battlefield 4 will feature the 64 bit binary alone; it was been quoted from the Dice itself that the 64 bit is with fallback. We all know that almost 90% of the gaming systems equip the use of the 64 bit, yet there is a 10% fallback. This information ensures that the Battlefield will come along with its 32 bit version too. The Direct X 11.1 has also been a supported feature by the Battlefield 4 but this also comes along a fallback.

Direct X 11.1 might only slightly be different from the DX 11 version with its addition of the Shader Tracing and its amazing potential to allow the possible switching between the previous versions of DX 11 online. Having the DX 11.1, you can easily move on to the in-game of DX 11. Battlefield 4 will enjoy the endless amount of GBs as regards to the storage capability, which is very much limited to only 4 GB in the 32 bit binaries.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive