Xbox One Tour Coming to Over 75 Cities

Having trouble deciding on whether or not to get a PlayStation 4 or Xbox 360 this holiday season? Microsoft wants to change that with their multi-city international Xbox One Tour that will give gamers the chance to experience the next generation console before it launches on November 22.

Xbox One Tour

The tour will be made up of over 75 cities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. The tour will be made up of two different types of showings: Area One and Test Drive.

“Area One” will be larger events held in major cities. “Area One” will provide a fun opportunity for large groups of people to try the latest games, learn about Xbox One, and enjoy some gameplay with their friends. While attendance is free of charge, space will be limited.

Area One Tour Dates
Philadelphia: 10.3–10.6
Paris: 10.10–10.13
Toronto: 10.10–10.13
Chicago: 10.17–10.20
Vienna: 10.17–10.20
Atlanta: 10.24–10.27
Dallas: 10.31–11.3
Berlin: 10.31–11.3
Phoenix: 11.7–11.10
San Francisco: 11.14–11.17
Dublin: 11.14–11.17
Los Angeles: 11.21
London: 11.21–11.24

“Test Drive” will be more like a small setup that will travel to special events, concerts, college campus’s etc. Across the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany and France, Xbox will cruise the country in custom “Test Drive” vehicles, appearing at festivals, university campuses, retail centers and more in search of gamers ready to take the new generation of entertainment for a spin. There will be over 175 test drive locations.

Xbox One Tour

Source: Xbox One Tour | News Archive

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