Friday, August 17, 2018
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Battlefield 4 Was Running on a Single R9 290X At 5760×1080 at AMD’s Event

We have been talking a lot about AMD’s Mantle API over the past few days and how it will give a nice boost in performance to video game titles that take advantage of it. One such game is Battlefield 4 and according to AMD the Battlefield 4 demo at AMD’s GPU 14 event was running on a single AMD Radeon R9 290X at 5760 x 1080.


Now it has not been confirmed whether the demo was running at a constant 60 FPS, but looking at the footage we did not see any slowdowns at all.


This is really impressive and shows great promise for games that will be taking advantage of AMD’s Mantle API. For those who want to see the gameplay check out the video below.

Source: PC Games Hardware | News Archive

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