be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W Power Supply Review

Conclusion & Rating
While Made In China is still a sticker that is on the back of this power supply the German Engineering shows all over this unit and it was strictly made tightly amazing standards of the Seasonic Manufacturing process. But don’t just think that this is a re branded Seasonic power supply because that would be a false conclusion. In fact this Dark Power Pro Units has to be engineered by highly trained and well picked team of experts to make a power supply of this caliber no matter who or where the final manufacturing was taken place. be quiet! has set some really high standards and added their own parts and expertise into how the Seasonic Factory was to build this power supply. Which if you are new to the computer building business Seasonic is known for making some of the world’s best power supplies on the market and the mixture of these two is incredible match made in cyber heaven. I did not find anything cheap about this unit at all. The fan really is silent takes a lot into being a very quiet power supply but the fact that the be quiet! was so good at what it does got my attention and my affection for this unit.

Voltage regulation on this unit is good, under the 5% that we like to see, but the 3.3V rail did bother me a little bit. Normally when testing with a multimeter during both idle and load the votlage will stay at a certain point and not move around. Well with this unit the 3.3V rail moved around quite a bit and this is very evident especially in the OCCT graph.

The wires that they give you is the right amount and the right configuration, the addition of four case fan headers are a great added bonus as well as the added P8 X 2 cpu power connector. I am not really impressed by the ability of changing between both single rail and multi-rail button and letting it be so easy to toggle from one to the other while the power is on, but you can easily put an end to that non-sense just by applying the jumper into the little white modular plug and go single rail without ever thinking of it again. But do it while the power is off and the unit is unplugged.

The power supply doesn’t miss out on anything. Its like they had everyone in the lab write out a short list of everything a person could possible need in a power supply and wire configuration and be semi modular at the same time then added everything that the engineers wrote down. The be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 / 850 makes a big deal about being silent and that is great. The only real issue with this unit is the 3.3V rail, which is why I can only award it a 9 out of 10 score.

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– 80PLUS Platinum 93 % Rating
– The Silent Wing 135mm cooling fan is FDB fluid dynamic bearing with copper core for durable silent long life
– Automated Fan Speed governed by the temperature of the unit
– Long Cable length makes it very nice for larger Enthusiast Units
– 100,000 MTBF for great 24 hour use.

– The “Overclock” switch can be easily toggled during operation.
– 3.3V rail fluctuates quite a bit

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