be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W Power Supply Review

Introduction to “be quiet!”
The be quiet! brand was registered in 2002 as a trademark of a German company of Listan GmbH & Co. KG. From 2002 to 2008 the Listan GmbH & Co. KG. brand of “be quiet!” made acoustically quiet power supplies only but in 2008 the “be quiet!” brand branched out into other computer related cooling solutions such as case fans and CPU coolers.

At present the “be quiet!” brand is based out of Glinde, Germany and also it branches into Poland, Taiwan and then into mainland China. The products of “be quiet!” are directly sold from Glinde location to distributors and resellers worldwide. However, the major market of the be quiet! brand is European based and slowly working into the US market.

The “be quiet!” portion of Listan GmbH & Co. KG. has not just rebranded another companies power supply as some some other companies have done in the past. They have developed quieting technology itself between 2009 and 2011; the company has registered designs and patents all over the world. Some that is actually present in this present Model BQT P10-850 watt.

This review is for the creme de la creme of the be quiet! Power supply series with an 80PLUS Platinum rating the Dark Power PRO 10 850 Watt PSU that is truly the best that the be quiet! company has to offer. It was commissioned to be made in the highly prestigious Seasonic power supply factory. One of the best power supply factories in the world. Other brands of the be quiet! line are commissioned by different fabricators and should not be compared with this product or this review as they are manufactured in other places and have a different sources and therefore may have different design tolerances and characteristics. This review is based solely on the be quiet! (BQT-P10-Unit) and they include the Dark Power Pro 10 series including the 1200 watt / 1000 watt and the 850 watt models that are all commissioned with the Seasonic manufacturing plant.

Bequiet PSU label

Bequiet PSU Data compact

Often one of the best tells to understand the quality of an item that you have acquired is by the way it has been prepped and package and the “be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10” series is packaged to the highest of these standards which can tell you that you have bought a high quality professional Power Supply. The only way they could have improved the packaging of this particular PSU would have been to put it in a metal framed case, but that would be overkill or maybe not. It is a Platinum Edition PSU and the best in the series.

Featured Image and front of box

The front of the box in its black background gives an element of style with a beautiful mirrored picture of the Power supply with the name and sporting the 80 Plus Platinum badge with the Silent Wings and Cable Management Logo as of course the Name and wattage of the device with a metallic type strip framing the left side of the box with the words “high-end”, clearly separating it from the average computer Power supplies available and gives it a very high quality appeal.

Dark Power Pro 10 850W sides of box

The sides of the packaging has a detailed description of the nomenclature of the Power Supply but is written In Spanish and Polish which makes the English reader feel a little left out but it still is easy to comprehend what they are saying. Voltages and specifications are easy to figure out if you are someone that is looking for a quality power supply. The right side explains in a graph how much difference there is between the 80 PLUS and the 80 PLUS PLATINUM efficiency and again brings up their Silent Wing Fans and the offering of both AMD Crossfire or NVidia SLI graphics cards configurations and the eight awards that they feel the most proud of, along with the Wattage and the be quiet! Logo at the bottom right.

Dark Power Pro 10 850W Back of box

The back truly has everything you need to know about the wire Length a short description of the company’s mission statement and the Deutsch, English and Francais nomenclature of the product of course adds the electrical Label that is also on the unit along with the product’s Model and Serial Number.

Dark Power Pro 10 850W Top Box open 1

As you first open to box you realize you are looking at high-end quality. The Custom Polyurethane Foam Inserts with die cut and glued foam looks more like you have opened up a high-end speaker more than the casing for a German power supply or does it? This foam and packaging does not come cheap and the entire box has more square centimeters in dimensions than most brief cases or Laptop bags have.

Dark Power Pro 10 850W Top Box Packed

Lifting the precision die cut polyurethane foam top you see the instruction booklet and or user’s manual with the rest of everything tucked neatly in its own place. Nothing here seems pressed pushed are made to fit. It all has a great packing plan and works great.

Dark Power Pro 10 850W Top Box open 2

Upon further inspection you see that all the parts are separated by plastic bags or a tough box that is strong enough to carry the unit itself that the wires are neatly stashed away into. Its very elegant and also adds to the appeal of the packaging of this power supply

Dark Power Pro 10 850W Top Box open 3

The Packaging of the be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 / 850 Watt power supply is exceptional and extraordinary in its appeal and German engineering. It is neat clean and very well done.

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