Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV Case Review

Sometimes, it can all be summed up in a name. How a company sees itself also reflects the quality, form and function of the products that they produce. One aspect of this review that might go unnoticed, unless you are a college writing professor, is how they use the “plural possessive” apostrophe in their own wording when describing their product in the Features area. They consider themselves all Tech’s and when they speak of the company’s product they never fail to show they are all part the greater good and they are all contributing in the making of each product. Phanteks is slowly working its way into the hearts and minds of the US consumer base and making a very good name for themselves as well.

Based in Holland, Phanteks have for around two decades of international experience rarely been mentioned in the United States market until a few years ago. Their colorfully and thoughtfully designed CPU cooling solutions and ultra quality quiet fans have won over a very picky population of enthusiast that have fallen literally head over heels for this Nordic 20 year old company.

The core mission of their company seems to be described as “team work”. Not one employee seems to be lesser than the other. They are all part of a greater good and that is their formula for excellence and a very good reason for the company’s success. Their creativity, research, designing and developing go hand in hand in a concert with the builders and fabricators to create an extraordinarily orchestration of spectacular symphonic synchronicity that could be only be compared only to as many professional musicians playing to same piece in perfect timing.

As in a major orchestrated movement many talented individuals have only one purpose and that is to please and inspire their audience to the highest level possible. That said, it is rumored that with Phanteks’, no customer is too small or no job too big for this companies customer awareness through every stage of the development all the way to the end product and customer services after the sale.

Personally, I see Phanteks as a company that will be increasingly hard to beat in the section of the computer components industry and if you are looking for a business model to inspire your own new company. Look no further than Phanteks’ and employ some great talent and remind them all that they are what the company is all about all the time. “All for one, and one for all.”

The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV is exclusively made for mini-ITX / u-ATX Chassis has a enthusiast’s classic, minimalist, yet futuristic outer appearance. It’s an appeal that you will find more likable as your original gaze intensifies to the true essence of the design. This product grows on you the longer you take it in. You almost think that you are dealing with a classic mid tower case by its size and girth, but it’s all an illusion of design and function for adding all that you may want into the m-ITX platform, no matter what your inspiration or your budget requires.

The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV must be experienced up close and in person to be understood and to be fully appreciated. This case sets the bar high in the premiere level cases in the same company with well known excellence as Lian Li or Siverstone products and may even surpass those in unique features here and there.

This all new design for the Phanteks m-itx or uATX case builders’ features an all new tool-free release system for the front cover that is released the same as any high end HI FI speaker grills are and some high quality cases with mechanical spring loaded action quick release designs. Actually the Lian Li uses a system very close to this design for their tool less release panels.

The Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV has it all, and maybe even more than you might expect for a high end case no matter what your skill level or your custom ideals, inspiration’s or budgets. This is not a showy design but it could be. It has a true minimalistic quality that can only be appreciated up close and personally to see what it is really like. Like a fine wine or a beautiful woman it hides it’s best qualities for only the special few that are able to get close enough to appreciate their true appeal.

– Full Aluminum Exterior
– Available in Satin Black or Glacier White
– Cleans easily and is truly easy build into
– PSU Cover and HDD covers

– Extreme airflow-Direct airflow with blow-over cooling the CPU and GPU
– Comes with two premium Phanteks white bladed black framed fans.
— 1 x PH-F200SP in the front. 200 mm
— 1x PH-F140SP as the exhaust. 140 mm
– The exclusive 90 degree PWM fan hub mounted in the rear of the case is an idea we modders have been wanting and asking about for years.
– The choice of three different installation combinations for top (single or dual) radiators with lots of room for custom featuring of the builder’s imagination, as most of the mounting points are made for many different sizes all in one and many different configurations of individual parts placement
– A custom Reservoir mounting point for custom water loops
– Custom pump bracket that is rubber coated for anti-vibration mounted on the side bracket or on the solid bottom of the removable mechanical hard drive bay.

– 1 x Drop-N-Lock SSD bracket is included
– Multifunction Side Bracket (mounting for 2 x 2.5 inch SSDs / 1 x Mechanical 3.5 inch drive
– Removable mechanical 3.5 inch HDD cage for installing a long powerful power supply (>180mm) or professional water pump installations
– Equipped with removable dust filters (1 x front, 1 x bottom, and 1 x integrated slotted top easy removable cover and all are quick release and water washable safe)
– Clean cable management using Phanteks’ preinstalled Hoop-N-Loop Velcro strapped cable ties
– Easy to change/clean dust catcher filtration panels
– Quick release side panels and hinged doors that are perfectly lined up and solid with effortless swing open design


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