Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV Case Review

Outer Case
The look of the front was a little too industrial for me at first glance, but as I got to understand this case I fell for it head over heels for it and I don’t usually. Everything about it just makes since once you understand it. The front air is diverted into the outer edges of the front tank plate cover that both cools the ambient air and filters it with the inner filtration cover. That plates gives the look as though the front doesn’t fit quite right, but it’s all an artistic engineering wonder and once get that aspect of the case you start to see that this is a smart case and the attraction that it has on me.

This little mid- tower u-ATX or m-ITX case is solid as a granite rock and made of thick aluminum that is powder coated and feels almost like its anodized. So finish wise the outer coating is so strong it seems like the color is the natural color of the Aluminum plating covering it.. This case has an incredible build quality that I find hard to put into words.

Feature Image Phanteks Ethoo EVOLV

This side panel window is slightly smoked and is exactly how I like it. Its shows just enough to show the important parts without over doing it. Not everything in a computer needs to be displayed and that’s a really great thing about this classy little case. It is minimalist and discrete.

side windowed

The back is very unique as well though you would not recognize how at first glance. I know it looks normal but it’s anything but the usual. Yes the complies with ridged JEDEC standards for a mITX and u-ATX board fitting but it goes beyond just the standards like the way they fitted a modular 5.25 inch drive bay at the top of the rigging. They call a modular 5.25 Drive bay because the bay is removable for extra room for longer larger water Radiators and fans, but if you need a bay reservoir or a Blu-ray drive or even a fancy fan controller or card reader well. You can have it too.

Back INtro

The controls and the Audio along with the USB ports at the back are fluid and very beautiful so no reason to hide any side of this case as some might have to with some cases. The controls are opposite to the window panel side so you will need to get used to the placement of the power button but it should not matter what side of the desk you need to fit it on because both sides have equal advantages. Also we will see later that as all the controls are fitted directly to the inner case under that right hand side hinged aluminum panel and the fitting is perfect.

Side control back

The better part of this design is the contacts and controls are not actually bolted to the side panel but are bolted into the inside of the case those perfectly cut holes let those controls come through. You will see this in the next page in more detail as we explore deeper into the cases inner core. The power switch will take a few days to get used if you have to turn on by feel but it will also be awkward to the little fingers of kids also and they will have to take a course in mechanical engineering to figure them out. Well maybe I am being unrealistic here. The control side panel does not make the controls very obvious and the look is smooth and minimalist as this theme gets carried through the entire case.

Side Controls

Overall it does not matter as to what side you decide to reveal to the world. Left or right have their own character and purpose, so I would have to say that this case could be classified as ambidextrous and going to the ridiculous one could even set the case front face down and it would still look great and function perfectly normal.

Front control side glam shot

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