Tt eSPORTS Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction to the Tt eSports Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
Tt eSports is a new brand for gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets, and is a sub group of Thermaltake LTD. Thermaltake has been around since it was started in Taiwan in 1999. Its American headquarters was established almost immediately in the offices of sunny southern California.

In 2000, Thermaltake manufactured the world’s first turbine cooler known as the ‘Golden Orb’ for brand new Intel Pentium processors. The company expanded rapidly by establishing business relationships with more than 30 agents in Europe, and eventually built a production plant in Guangdong, China.

By the year 2002, Thermaltake’s main drive from this time was to develop newer products for home and larger system builders, so after years of research, they launched the world’s first commercially available liquid-cooled system for CPUs in 2004.

Thermaltake’s biggest claim to fame is the widely world renowned “Level 10” chassis for which Thermaltake commissioned Bavarian Motor Works or “BMW Designworks” to help them to create a computer case unlike no other and was vastly popular after much some mixed critical acclaim.

Thermaltake has also sponsored professional gamers and builders for many years and, in 2010, it used that experience to launch a new brand name especially for them.” Tt eSports” is a division that targets the needs of hardcore enthusiast’s gamers and builders. The product line-up includes keyboards, mice and headsets with more bleeding edge products planned for the near future.

Thermaltake has always strived to be on the leading edge for new ideas and production for enthusiast over the globe and is still setting the bar high for its competitors in cooling and gaming alike.

Warning: the Special “AVAGO Class 1 Laser” Product built into this mouse is an invisible laser but its still there and very powerful, so do not stare directly into or view laser with any optical Equipment.

AVAGO Laser Features

• Small form factor chip-on-board package
• Dual power supply selections – 3V or 5V
• VDDIO range: 1.65 – 3.3V
• 16-bits motion data registers
• High-speed motion detection up to 150ips and acceleration up to 30g
• Advanced technology 832-865nm wave length VCSEL
• Self-adjusting frame rate for optimum performance
• Motion detect pin output
• Internal oscillator – no external clock input needed
• Enhanced programmability
• Compliant to IEC/EN 60825-1 eye safety requirements
• Pb-Free and RoHS compliant

Left and right handed use:
This mouse was engineered to be equal for either hand and made especially for the left handed gamer and needs a mouse for the opposite hand and still feel right no matter what side of the table sits on.

The Tt eSports “VENTUS” ambidextrous laser gaming mouse is designed to allow professional gamers’ with a leading edge for both left handed and right handed gamers, this gamers’ weapon is an illuminating tool to enhance anyone’s gaming skills and to give you what you need when you need it in a very simple left or right handed form.

Bright red LED illumination:
The Mouse is easily seen in the dark by the red LED wheel sides and the “Tte Sports” Dragon Logo that can be set to pulse , stay on or off at all times depending on the setting of the gamer.

Air-through ventilation:
The lower part of the mouse has honey-combed cutouts meant for dual purposes, the styling appears that look great but also it’s for gamers’ hands from getting hot and sweaty by cooling via its air-through ventilation design structure. This will keep your hands agile and ready for long sets of gaming sessions.

Fully customizable macros:
The Tt eSports “VENTUS” has its own software that helps the gamer to set everything up the way they need for playing in the style that is best suited for them. There’s a thumb button on both the left and right side, which can be enabled/disabled at will through the mouse software.
7 programmable buttons, along with 5 profiles provide for up to 35 programmable macros. Selectable polling rate options of 125/250/500/1000 Hz. Mouse weight is adjustable as well via the button battery sized weights inside the bottom of the mouse to give the gamer the feel that each gamer requires for a very balanced and weighted feel.

MSRP: $49.00 US dollars


The box is very nicely done in black and red with white lettering and I has to look up the mouse on Google to understand how it was called because reading the font for the Tt eSports “Ventus” was so artfully done that and I wasn’t quite sure what all the letters really were, but now that I know and it’s easy to see it; but if you are not familiar with the name you might not know how to call it at first.

Front of box

The back of the box shows how the programming part of the software works configuring the macros of the Tt eSports “Ventus” Ambidextrous gaming mouse. There is the statement that states “Professional gaming mouse, for more product info please go to” in fifteen different languages. This is a great Idea because who has a CD rom reader/writer anymore. I do. And I have so many CDs and DVDs that I could use them for an onslaught against an enemy and hold them off for at least a few days.

Back of Box

Opening up the front door of the packaging via the two Velcro pads reveals a lot about the working and weights of the Tt eSports “Ventus” and a true “see through the box” look at the mouse that is waiting to get go home with the gamer and get to winning. It explains on the inside cover about the lighting scheme and the way it blinks when you change something on it and the button configurations and really how easy the mouse is to use.

Open Box

Upon opening the box there are three basic parts to understand before plugging and playing. The top dragon in the picture that is looking down looks a lot like a CD Software kit that comes with the Tte Sports, but by this time there in history you will have to get the firmware update and the macro program for the mouse will be found online at to get the latest version of the firmware and the latest version of the programmable software that we will look at in the next page.

Mouse with Plastic cover

This clear plastic cover will come sliding right off with the mouse waiting like it’s in its own little red bed with its wires all tucked in down under.

Mouse with no Plastic

This is the handy and very padded mouse carry case. Yes this was thought out by professional gamers that go to LAN parties and like any pro they take their tools of the trade very seriously and Tt eSports has learned this so this mouse bag is worthy of carrying a nice camera and an awesome ambidextrous mouse.

Travel Bag

This is the front of the that CD/DVD box does not hold any CD or DVD but it holds these a very nicely printed manual, warranty card and two stickers of the screaming eagle that is reminiscent of an Aztec eagle of long millennia past. One is a clear plastic sticker in red and the other red eagle on black background that is the Logo of the “Tt eSports” team for Thermaltake Ltd.

Front of CD Cover
inside the box

The back of the small; once CD/DVD holder, is inscribed with the words “Challenge is the game” and the internet address to find your downloadable software to run the mouse. The mouse is plug and play and doesn’t need to be configured to work but it’s nice to be able to control the features that come with the mouse. The tearing at the top flap of the envelope is mandatory for me. I can never open one of these flaps without leaving the absolute proof that it have opened previously.

Back of CD Cover

In the end the best part is the mouse. It looks traditional and that is for a reason. Gamers’ designed this mouse for gaming and long term use so the shape and the configuration is all for a reason.

Mouse unplugged

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