Tt eSPORTS Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

A Closer Look
Not everyone is a gamer so it’s hard for some to understand how paying $50.00 for a mouse is feasible or even practical and if you feel that way, I do understand your thought process, but I also know you are definitely not a gamer.

A gamer looks for anything to get the upper edge on the competition. That means special keyboards with programmable keys, gaming controllers that are made just for gaming and there are the mice.

So okay what’s the difference between (Battle and Normal) mode?
Okay. This is an intuitive feature to that lets the mouse pulse at a different rate depending on the speed and shooting in the game. If you are repeating a move over and over again and you are doing it rapidly that light will light up at a faster and faster rate.

Illumination in Normal mode. The mouse will stay at the pre-programmed way that you chose for it and not change as the battle progresses and gets heavier.

Each mouse has its own limitations which is defined as d.p.i. (dots per inch) or speed of the curser moving across the screen. The specially installed “AVAGO” laser is standard into every Tt eSports Ventus Ambidextrous gaming mouse is this is NOT your ordinary sensor. This special laser sensor has industrial standard rating of up to 9000 dpi but that speed would be ridiculous for the gaming mouse and the sensor is also able to achieve this sensory response at up to 6 times the force of gravity.

Set it for super slow and getting off that perfect kill shot with a sniper rifle from a kilometer away is a cinch, or spy on a enemy target that is really far off with some binoculars, or change it to medium for just a little regular game play and walking around or just face booking. But in a matter of a few mille-seconds you can have that laser moving at the speed of “WIN”

A direct quote from Sujoy Roy, Technical Director at Gamerbase Ltd., Founder of ESReality and former professional gamer:

“I’ve objectively tested the top-rated gaming mice in the past, and at the heart of these mice are Avago navigation sensors. This new innovative laser gaming mouse sensor from Avago offers dramatic improvements in high-speed motion detection which is needed in professional gaming mice. As a former professional gamer, I can really appreciate the enhanced programmability found in the ADNS-9500. Such flexibility allows mouse makers the ability to customize the gaming mouse to fit unique styles of play.”

The Tt eSports “Ventus” ambidextrous gaming mouse can do all these things and the user can program up to four different dpi settings that can be changed on the fly anytime, no matter what you are doing. I love using ultra slow dpi for doing very minute work with my Photoshop program. No matter what you use this mouse for; you immediately understand the difference between this mouse and your regular run of the mill mouse or touch pad.

The Button layout is below and its pretty simple.
-7 Buttons
-5 different Profiles
-35 different setting
-Selectable Scaling or Polling of (125 – 250 – 500 – 1000)

So what is Polling? No it does not ask your opinion on the issues of the day. Actually what it does is really impressive. Let’s say you want to draw a perfectly straight line from one point to another. A poll of 125 being the most intuitive will try to help you get on the spot you are looking for. It’s like artificial intelligence. The larger the number of polling the dumber it gets and the smartest or more intuitive is the 125 setting.

The Tt eSports Ambidextrous gaming mouse takes into account the left-handed gamers and allows the mouse to fit equally the same way in either hand you plan to use it. So no matter what hand you use primarily, you find yourself overjoyed by the ability of this mouse to conform to you and your special needs as a left or right handed gamer. As a left-handed person myself, I completely understand that being this way can be a very harsh thing in a primarily right-handed world so, this mouse will appeal very much to the southpaw’s of the world. The other-handed gamers can set the “Ventus” to fit their way of playing instead of having to always conform to a right handed mouse. Our primary hand is more accurate and dexterous than our other so it makes since that you would want your best hand forward and ready to play and this mouse can do it for either hand. Here is a layout of the buttons.

Button Layout

Mouse setting page

I have been using this mouse for about a week now and I love it. It is beautiful, simple and it fits naturally in the palm of my hand. The “Ventus” almost looks like your average mouse but that is only one purpose. It takes time to conform to a new product so the less time it takes to get used to where everything is, the faster you can get to winning. Here is a picture of the Tt eSports “VENTUS” ambidextrous gaming mouse plugged in and looking from the top the two sides feel identical in both hands except the left hander will have to reach the thumb a little higher for that side button but overall they feel the same in both hands and the position of that side button won’t take long to get used to.

Mouse Powered up

The lighting on the gaming mouse is really nice and it does have some reasoning for being that way. It can be programmed to pulse the big red screaming eagle under the vent or set it to always stay on or you can turn it off entirely or you can set lights configurations for certain games and programs. A note on the feel of the buttons are they can handle being treated rough and the lighted wheel is so silent and easy to use without losing that clicking that you get from every other mouse this one can stop in a Microsecond and do it with the stealth of a mountain lion on the hunt. The button click from the “OMRON” micro-switches are very tactile feeling and require a little more trigger pull than the average everyday mouse but that is because they are made that way to have an advanced gaming experience. The gamer knows that they have activated that button just by the minute click and the tactile feel of the action of these special buttons. The buttons under the wheel stay out of the way well when not needed but are easy to get to at a moment’s notice with no effort and the tactile clicks to let you know that you have activated the switch.

Featured image

Here is a picture of the mouse with the logo is turned off and better for night players that don’t want to wake the better half sleeping in the bed behind you. While she might be dozing or if she sleeps light then the moving glowing hand might have an un-nerving effect on her so you can let it be silent and less ambient if you need but if you like gaming in the dark with all the keys lit up and the mouse too then you have that option as well.

Mouse as it pulses off

The mouse is a extremely sensitive, balanced and weighted instrument but that’s not all. The Switches in the buttons are “OMRON” high industry standard micro switches and also uses an AVAGO laser sensor that gives it the ability to get speeds up to 5700 dpi, also when I lifted it up to check it while I was learning about the mouse it felt as if there is was a built in gyroscope in it. I did not take it apart to investigate but it felt very stable even in hover over the table. Now that is balanced if you ask me.

fully weighted

Adding and subtracting the weights are very simple too. As you look at the bottom of the mouse it almost looks like a little battery cover is at the bottom and even the weights look like large pill batteries but they are individual weights of 3 x 4.5 grams a piece with a total weighted 13.5 grams. The professionals know that the way that the mouse feels as it’s being moved is very important and the weights are easy to change to get the right feel for your left or right handed playing style.

Adding weights

Removing rubber weight holder

The weights each have their own little bed to lie in and the bed is made of a soft pliable black rubber. So there will be no noise from loose weights at anytime during game play.

Braided Wire

The wire of the mouse is a really nice and long 1.8 meters long or 5.9 Ft. for our American readers and the wire is covered in an extremely tight weave material that makes the wire extra strong and stable just in case someone trips over it, there is no reason to think that it will stretch or break because the wire is long and strong. It’s also ready to be taken to another location in a flash as the Velcro strap stays affixed to the wire and is ready to hold the folded wire neatly and the mouse can be bagged in its own carry case for going to a LAN party and impressing your opponents and letting them know you are “NO NEWB”.

USB Plug

Even the USB plug is tended to as a real important ingredient in the making of this mouse as it is plated in gold for maximum grounding and more sensitive electrical responses, as every millisecond can make the difference to a gamer in the middle of a tough part of the game.

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